Reports and Publications

Research Reports

Many of the reports IARII has completed are available in research libraries (including the University of Hawai‘i-Manoa, University of Guam, Micronesian Area Research Center, and Australia National University). They are also offered for purchase directly from IARII. If you are interested in obtaining a report, please contact [email protected] with the title, author, and year of publication (if known) for pricing and availability.

Staff Publications

Recent publications by IARII staff and affiliates are listed below; many are available for download as PDF files.


Late Holocene Human Expansion into Near and Remote Oceania: A Bayesian Model of the Chronologies of the Mariana Islands and Bismarck Archipelago

by Timothy M. Rieth & J. Stephen Athens Abstract Since the investigations of Spoehr in the 1950s, most researchers have accepted a date of ~3500 BP/1500.. Read More →